18 February 2006


Where has my energy gone?


It's 2pm on Saturday and I am sat in my office trying to keep my eyes open.

Today I am supposed to go for a run, tidy office and house, finish a feature and go to Tesco.

Think I am going to sack the lot of it off and go to sleep instead for a bit!

Might be back later with more zest.......................think part of the reason I am soooo tired is that I had a really weird dream last night that Alessandro and I were helping Rio Ferdinand (???) convert to Catholicism and had to tell him to keep away from his workmates at Transco (???) and concentrate on God and football, that order.......................very weird.

Told Alessandro about my dream and he thinks I am even more of a freak than he first thought........................the funny thing is I can't stand Ferdinand and am probably the last person anyone would consult about Catholicism as I am not very good at it myself.

How bizarre! Sweet dreams, muchachos!

Still a lazy bint :)
too much alcohol???
Now get your butt out of the door!
You will feel so much better for it!
[taps fingers on desk impatiently]
You really have no energy then?

Everything OK?
we're waiting!
13 March 2006.......

[blows thick layer of dust from blog]

Coff Coff Coff

Looks pretty deserted in here - wonder if Charlie is still is this time/space universe..??!!
Nah, she has finished her Russian and now works for the KGB. And if she tells us she has to kill us.
And she likes us really.

where is she..?
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