18 December 2005


Day before official training starts..........

Hola amigos!

Not posted for several days as I had nowt to report......................cold spread to chest and as I have already had several serious chest infections this year and developed asthma I decided to put any kind of exercise on the back burner until I felt better.

Probably just as well as I was working on a couple of really time consuming features this week and would have felt guilty about not having time to train during the week.

Filed my second feature on Friday and celebrated last night by getting really drunk in front of X Factor and although I don't remember doing so, I must have voted about 50 times for Journey South (cheesy, I know, but us Smoggies have to stick together - up the boro!). The only reason I know this is that I keep getting texts saying 'thank you for voting'. Racked up my phone bill and they still managed to come third!

Now got a hangover and am hiding from Alessandro as he is in 'let's do stuff' mode and wants to do loads of cleaning, tidying up and writing Christmas cards.

Going to return to training tomorrow, actually really looking forward to it! Think I'm going to try to run on Christmas morning, down to the River Tees and back.................I will be celebrating Christmas in Teeside so it will only be 5 miles not the 106 miles it would be if I attempted it from Manchester!

Got to go now, think I might go and start thinking about fixing the Christmas Tree which Alessandro put up wrong.........................there's wide section near the top that should be nearer the bottom so the tree looks like it has arms and something out of Day of the Triffids.

Stay classy, everyone!

13 December 2005


I really want to go out for a run......but can't!

Ciao tutti!

Guess what, still got a miserable cold......................do colds usually last this long? At least I have it now rather than over Christmas or further into my training.

Was about to pack my gym bag and head over to the gym for a run and swim but then caught sight of myself in my mirror. Not a pretty sight!

As much as I am itching to go out running I really should wait until I'm better and I should know this well by now.

I did try to tell myself that I feel better than yesterday but that's no good as I still feel achey and my head is still a full-time snot factory (sorry for being gross but it is, don't know how one person can produce so much!).

Going to wrap up well and go for a walk down to the shops later instead. It gets me out of the house, a bit of fresh air and gentle exercise and gets my errands done.

Still having problems with scallies mind, might get some exercise chasing chavs from my front gates if they return tonight............had another run in with them on Sunday evening and it took two hours for the police 'rapid response' unit to get to me - one hour after they had got bored and gone home.

The policeman who came round was lovely and said that he has problems outside of work with kids on his estate................not exactly reassuring or much comfort. Pisses me off that kids seem to be running riot and no one can do anything about it. When my brother in law threw a bucket of water over a pair of slaggie maggies who were causing trouble behind his house and waking his baby, he nearly got charged with assault!

My mate says I need to electrify the intercom buttons so they get electric shocked into next week..............uuuummmmm, tempting!

Ah well, must go now, work to do..................please could someone run my miles for me today? Was going to do four or five.............oh and 40 laps of the pool as well?!

See ya!

11 December 2005


I want a pug!

This is all I want for Christmas!


Sleepy Head!

Oye chicos!

No running today...................letting my body recover from this really draining cold. Alessandro has got it now and it puts him in a bad mood. He's gone to watch United so I hope they win or it's best staying out of his way!

This day still has not got going for me.............

Woke at what seemed like the crack of dawn by the tilers (7.30am, but it's Sunday for godssake). Alessandro turned on 't'big light' in the bedroom and nearly blinded me so when he went down to let the tilers in I switched it off and got nice and cosy in my duvet. Then his radio alarm went off and was playing Joss Stone and I had a fight to shut her up (she does my head in big time). I admitted defeat and got up at this stage...pissed off cos neither of us has slept well in days due to the constant sniffing and coughing.

Neighbour knocked on at 8.30am to say other neighbour has extracted from her teenage son the names of the kids who have been terrorising the street this week. I spared you all the account of my Catherine Tate-esque slanging match in my street with 10 schoolies who had been ringing my intercom and abusing me down it...............I went out and told them to fook off but they came back last night and were setting fire to something in the street.

Would love to torch their nasty man-made fibre trackies and watch them clear off at high speed but unfortunately there's laws against that type of thing................as part of my punishment the judge would make me work in JJB Sports or whatever that Chav Mecca is and wear the Vicky Pollard uniform. I'd probably have to be sectioned part way through my sentence.

My neighbour's teenage son has retracted his statement once he found out that several other people wanted to know the names and that I had been in touch with the police and would be passing on names to them. (When they were shouting abuse down the intercom, they called me a rich fookin fat bitch with a pool.......................uuuummm, funny. I can take the first bit.......although definately not rich I probably seem so to them chavs, I am fookin fat and yes, I admit it, I am a bitch but how did they know we had a pool, unless they were the same kids who burgled our house just before we moved in and broke in through the pool room, that's why I got the police out.)

Not all was lost though. I emerged from neighbours house not with list of Kyles and Waynes but the number of a mobile beautician who does cracking pedicures apparently. Result.

Did manage a couple hours of shut eye this afternoon face down on the sofa. Still got the inprint of the cushion on my face, but hey, I'm not going anywhere.

Now going to potter around the house and think about how I can best mount a campaign to get a dog..................I want a pug but will settle for a mongrel of some sort...........Alessandro says no because I already have three not so small kittens and according to him dogs smell. I might just get one and then deal with him later!!!

Have a nice relaxing Sunday everyone and don't over do it as you'll only make me feel jealous!

10 December 2005


I'm dying!

Good day chaps!

Or not so good for me.............this cold is eating into my head, hope you are all doing better!! Will be checking out everyone's blogs this weekend, be warned!!!!!!!

Did a walk/run 4 miler yesterday and it was tough but I kept going in the knowledge that the more I do the easier it gets.........and trust me to be walking when Alessandro drives past, bet he thinks I walk all the time and just tell him I'm going for a run!

Didn't go to Spanish today as I can't stop squeezing, coughing and sniffing. Didn't think it fair on my classmates as we were doing a loads of stuff on TV interviews and I suspect we would have been doing lots of role plays. I really could not pretend to be Parkie interviewing Posh in this state. Spanish is another area I need to pull my socks up in.......realised that I stopped doing my homework about 2 years ago when I retrained as a journalist. I used to be such a swot as well! Well my coasting along might come to an abrupt halt in the new year as we have an exam at the end of this level and if I fail I will have to wait months to join my mate's class (he is 3 levels below me at the mo).

Not going running either - as Leon quite rightly says 'listen to your body' and mine is screaming 'Nooooooo!'. So I have spent the day uploading my wedding photos on to my online album.

Also, took time to be really spiky to Tom on the RW blog thread.............soz Tom, in even worse mood than usual!!

A big massive thank you very much to Leon, Cath and Tim who have already visited my Just Giving page and sponsored me. Fast work guys!!! You are all very kind....owe you drinks at the finish!

09 December 2005


Just Giving

Set up my sponsorship page. No hiding now!

London Calling Charlotte Bacci

And that was my first ever go at doing a hyperlink! Who said blogging was a waste of time, learnt loads in the last week!

08 December 2005


How knackered am I?!


Went to the gym this afternoon after saying I wasn't going to....................had enough of hanging around the house. Stuff the cold!

Picked a bad time to go to the gym as there was hundreds of bratty kids in there. Didn't realise there would be as this is not my usual branch of the gym. The gym I usually go to is next to my old house in a yuppie estate, so I don't ever think I saw a child in there the whole three years I went there.

There was Ophelia and Max having tennis lessons, Coco and Seb learning to swim and Hermione, George and co running up and down the coridoor to the changing room whilst their mummies tuned them out completely.

Can you tell I don't like children?!! Especially posh ones with crap mums who ignore their kids bad behviour. I take a very Victorian stance on other people's little darlings and dislike them nearly as much as smokers. Of course when I have kids it will be completely different, they'll be perfect and won't annoy anyone!!!!!!!!!

Did 3 extremely difficult miles on the treadmill, ran the first 2 and a bit and walked the remainder. It was crushing to feel soooo unfit. At times I thought I was going to die! Took me just over 36mins in the end.

Then got changed into cosie and went in to the pool. Couldn't get in it as it was full of brats. Managed to squeeze in jacuzzi full of gossiping mums whilst I decided what to do - bomb into the pool on top of their heads or towel whip a few of them.

Was about to give up and get changed when I remembered there was an outdoor pool. Halleujah! A vision of steam and mist and very invigorating. Best of all not kids allowed so there was just me and another chap in there so very quiet and relaxed.

There's definately something to be said for swimming under the stars in the middle of December even with a cold. Decided that I will deffo go back and use that pool as it was glorious!

Ta ta!


Action stations!

After noting my shocking weight gain this morning I have added a weight loss tracker to the bottom of my blog so I can track my weight loss if there is any...................now going to find something calorie free for lunch!


Help! Michelle McManus is gaining on me!

11 stone 4.8lbs - 37.3% fat - size 14 (tight) HOW????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Still dying with a really bad cold and chest so once again no running today : (

As you can see I weighed myself this morning and I've somehow gained 3 pounds. I had been hovering around 11 stone for months and during this time ate and drank too much and did no exercise. Last week I decide to get my arse in gear, been (relatively) good all week and ran a few times and gained 3 f**kin pounds.

And, I open my copy of Closer this morning to discover that Michelle McManus is now down to a size 16 and 14stone after losing 8st. When she weighed 22 stone, I weighed a rather trim 9 stone now it looks like I'm going to have to start passing on my slim clothes to her.

The world's a cruel place!

Seriously though, what an achievement (Michelle's not mine!). And for her to stick with it for over a year is brilliant. I think I'm going to have to start going to Weight Watchers again on a Saturday morning before Spanish class. The shame of a weekly weigh-in is the only thing that works for me.

Right better get down to a bit of work..................laters!

06 December 2005


Do you think ETA have been having problems with their post as well???



Today, I'm mostly hating the Post Office


Still feeling a bit ropey - sore thoart and dizzy (nothing new there then!) but am pissed off more than anything.

This morning I chased up some payments I was due for work done recently. "We sent the payment to you on the 15th.......", but there's no sign of the cheque and once again I got someone else's post this morning but none of my own.

Right, that's it I thought, pulled on my running gear and ran down to the delivery office chanting 'cunts' under my breath. Demanded to see the delivery manager and vented spleen big time.

But oh no, it's actually all my fault for living in a house with a similar address to someone else (we both have the word Eagle in our address).

Silly me, eh?! How can I ever expect to get my post delivered correctly? Should have choosen to live in a house with an address that featured the word Vulture or Perrigrin Falcon instead.

When I asked whether it was possible that the postman could possibly check he had the right house before posting the mail I was told 'no'. "They generally don't do that". That would take too much time and he would never get round his route.

Pardon me, but how long does it take to read a street sign and check you are in the right street and scan an address and check the number is the same as the one on the envelope.

The people who are getting my post aren't even in the same road or postcode.........our addresses are not really that similar and we have different surnames.........who the hell is the post office employing? GGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

When I get pissed off I ususally say I'm moving back to Italy but remembering what the Italian postal system is like, I'll put that idea back on a high shelf or something.

Since then I have spent the rest of the day debating whether or not to set up an alternative 'oh my god it actually works' postal system, start a hate campaign against my postie, or write to my MP (which I usually do when I'm annoyed, whether I think they can help or not, make the buggers work instead of swanning round Westminster...............my last MP HATED ME!).

I've also had to let workmen and delivery men in and out constantly. Bit of a pisser...............everytime I settle down to work on the second floor, the buzzer goes as the tiler/plumber/apprentice/electrician/nosey neighbour wants to get in or out of the driveway/house/garden. I have to go all the way downstairs and down the drive. Went mental as earlier I was interviewing someone only to be interupted by the apprentice who wanted the gate opening (I told him to leave it open but he forgot) so he could go for a smoke, not on my time Sonny Jim!

So once again a wasted day and I have two features to write.....................why did I go freelance again?

Plus, one of my kittens has decided to show his dislike for the new brand of cat litter that I bought them with his very own dirty protest and has shat in the cats' sleeping basket. Fookin fantastic!

So apart from the mile or so to the post office and back I haven't done any running today and as I have stuff to do in town and the Doves this evening I'm not likely too later either.

Probably for the best, if better tomorrow will head out early doors for a nice brisk 4/5 miler.

Hope everyone else is doing better than me (on all fronts!) today.



05 December 2005


My training plan, thanks Hal Higdon!

Think I'm going follow this training plan - Intermediate I...............seems do-able but at the same time not too easy!





Not achieved a thing today......................feel well dodgy and I don't think it was the alcohol after all (although I'm sure that didn't help!).

Not been able to concentrate as I feel all headachey and sweaty (nice!). My sister phoned earlier and said my niece Lois was off school ill and Alessandro has just phoned and he's not too well either.

Think I'm going to lay off exercise altogether today.........apart from a bit of tidying up and unpacking.

But guess what, my FLM fleece has arrived! Postie brought it at lunchtime so I give him all the post I had for someone else and told him to sort it out!

I ordered a medium and its massive. Not sure who they base the sizes on. I know it is a blokes' medium not a ladies' but still Hattie Jaques would have plenty of room in this fleece.

Alessandro also said that his Mam has cooked us roast pork and some ribs Italian style which is good news as it saves me sending him out to the Chinese when he gets in (I know, I'm a bad wife!). Alessandro's Mam's cooking is devine, can't wait!!!

Hope everyone else is having a much more productive day than me!

Take care!


Monday, monday!


It's nearly 11.15am and I've still not done any proper work for the day. Feel ropey after yesterday's drinking session (lunch at sister's and David Gray both very good) and I'm annoyed at the postman as he keeps delivering my post to someone else and I keep getting the post for people who live a street away, gggggrrrr!

No cheques for work I did in October, no Visa bill (good) and no FLM rejection fleece (I've got a charity place but tried the ballot as well).

Am I the only reject who hasn't received their fleece? I think so.

Not running today eventhough I want to........................which is not like me, I'm usually looking for excuses not to run.

Today is a rest day and I'm not going to do more than a bit of gentle cycling later and a walk to the delivery office to give the manager a rather large piece of my mind.

I wish my pool was finished...........could do with a swim.

Ah well, best get on, see ya!

04 December 2005


I ache big time!


Just got out of shower after 3 mile run this afternoon. Didn't really do a good time (about 40-45 mins) cos my legs and back were killing me after lugging boxes up and down the stairs yesterday and this morning.

Had a walk at some points and am really trying to stop doing that but I suppose this is pre-training so I can afford to be a bit slack with myself as long as I get out of the door in the first place.

It's funny the way that all runs are different. Some days you are flying along and others it's like tredging through treacle (today).

Ah well, I did it and can now feel smug with myself!

Going to get dressed now as me and Alessandro (my husband) are going round to my sister's house for late lunch. Looking forward to it as I really get on with her husband and her two kids are dead cute (I normally don't like kids, more of a cat person really!). Also our mates Diane and James are joining us.

Took the liberty of stopping in M&S on way home from run to buy Cava and a box of red wine. Hope there isn't too much carnage as me and Alessandro are going to see David Gray later and I'd hate to be sick on the people on the row infront!

Thnk tomorrow I'm going to take it easy training-wise and just do 30 mins light pedalling on the exercise bike infront of Jeremy Kyle (ignoring the work that is piling up in my office).

Tat ta!

03 December 2005


Top! I did it!


Shook off my lazy pants and went for a brisk 30 min run around my newish neighbourhood. Didn't end up where I thought I would but got back okay so that's fine.

Realised that running makes me feel so much more energised as well as good about myself.

Got home had a steam bath and a shower and instead of vegetating on the sofa with a trasy magazine I have spent loads of time in my office (in the attic) unpacking books, sorting out folders and having a big chuck out.

Although we have been in this house since 2nd September most of our belongings (there's loads as we are both hoarders) have been stacked up in the room over the garage. So although I felt like I did lots of sorting out today, in reality it was just a drop in the ocean.

I just want to be able to live in an organised house and be able to find stuff when I need it.

Still think that is enough domestic stuff for today, I really feel the runs I did today and Thursday in my legs and stomach. Perhaps I might be gaining back some muscle?!!

Just deciding what to have for tea and whether I have earned some wine yet........must try to stay strong if I'm going to be at least two stone lighter by 23rd April 2006!

Take care!xxxxxxxx


Can I be arsed?


Been to Spanish this morning - spent most of the class debating whether or not people should be making such a big fuss over George Best's death and funeral. It all got quite heated!

Took tram back to Prestwich which took fuckin' ages. It annoys me that the government is always banging on that we should use more public transport and yet the public transport we have is crap and really unreliable.

Did a shop in the Precinct and dragged shopping back with breaking arms. Rewarded myself with stodgy pasta bake which I need to run off (as well as last night's Chinese and several glasses of wine with sister in town yesterday when we were supposed to be Christmas shopping.)

Now trying to tell myself that it will soon be dark and because I walked that far with shopping I don't need to go running.

Now decided to be tough on myself. The workmen who are tiling the pool room are knocking off at 3pm so I will go out for a short run after that.

That way I will be back before dark and won't stretch my already aching limbs much. I can go out for longer tomorrow.

That's the plan anyway!!!!

01 December 2005



Went running for the first time in two months, felt fantastic!

Left my house and ran to Heaton Park and then had a run around the park and back out and home, not sure how far or how long. My only aim was to get out of the door today and I did it!

Was feeling sooo good I even decided to run to the shops and buy ingredients for a hearty and healthy beef stew. Big mistake. Laden down with bags and the heavens opened. It took me 15mins to stagger home with my carrier bags of potatoes, swedes and other heavy food stuffs.

Still, put the stew on and just had a lovely shower in our fancy shower cabinet and now I'm going to fuss over my kittens for a bit until Alessandro gets in from work and (hopefully) enquires what the lovely aroma is coming from the kitchen.

Ciao for now!xx


Drunk on too much wine..........no wonder I'm overweight! Posted by Picasa


1st December 2005 - Journey starts!!!!

11 stone 1.8lbs - size 14 (tight) - 37 % fat

Hiya all,

Having a mare trying to diet (no self-discipline, love wine, bit of a lazy cow) but as I have a charity place in next year's London Marathon, I've decided to use it as motivation to get fit and lose weight.

Now, this blog will be very boring - food diary, training diary etc but it's not really meant to be a great read rather than somewhere I can record and review my quest to 'sort it out'.

If there is anyone reading this, they are probably thinking 'well, if you train for a marathon, you can't help getting fit and losing weight'. Not true actually, I have gradually been getting fatter with every marathon I've done (this will be my fifth).

My mistake is believing that becuase I'm training for a marathon I can eat what I like, when in reality I can't!

Going to try and get out for a run this afternoon, my first in weeks (moved house, got married, went on honeymoon, had chest infection, many excuses..........) and I intend to track how far I go and how I feel before and after.

See you later!

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