13 June 2007


Hello strangers!!


How's it going?

Remember me?

I started blogging my London Marathon training and then stopped, abruptly! The reasons why were varied - major problems posting entries and also numerous injuries meant I had little training to report anyway!

Well, anyway, I'm back (with better technology this time) and yes, I did actually do the London Marathon in the end..............but................felt rubbish all the way round and got a crap time, partly due the amount of toilets stops I had to make enroute.

Then, guess what! Look what popped out on 9th November 2006!! Her name is Sofia Carlotta Bacci or Beanie as we refer to her as she is our little marathon runner bean!

Hope you lot are all doing well and are still running.

Me? I plan to do the Florence Marathon in November - downhill and then flat, glorious city, anyone care to join me?!!!

Laters, Charlie

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