01 December 2005


1st December 2005 - Journey starts!!!!

11 stone 1.8lbs - size 14 (tight) - 37 % fat

Hiya all,

Having a mare trying to diet (no self-discipline, love wine, bit of a lazy cow) but as I have a charity place in next year's London Marathon, I've decided to use it as motivation to get fit and lose weight.

Now, this blog will be very boring - food diary, training diary etc but it's not really meant to be a great read rather than somewhere I can record and review my quest to 'sort it out'.

If there is anyone reading this, they are probably thinking 'well, if you train for a marathon, you can't help getting fit and losing weight'. Not true actually, I have gradually been getting fatter with every marathon I've done (this will be my fifth).

My mistake is believing that becuase I'm training for a marathon I can eat what I like, when in reality I can't!

Going to try and get out for a run this afternoon, my first in weeks (moved house, got married, went on honeymoon, had chest infection, many excuses..........) and I intend to track how far I go and how I feel before and after.

See you later!

stats are about the same as mine!!
I'm not in FLM (supporting this year so see you at Mile 17) but share the same dreams!
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