03 December 2005


Can I be arsed?


Been to Spanish this morning - spent most of the class debating whether or not people should be making such a big fuss over George Best's death and funeral. It all got quite heated!

Took tram back to Prestwich which took fuckin' ages. It annoys me that the government is always banging on that we should use more public transport and yet the public transport we have is crap and really unreliable.

Did a shop in the Precinct and dragged shopping back with breaking arms. Rewarded myself with stodgy pasta bake which I need to run off (as well as last night's Chinese and several glasses of wine with sister in town yesterday when we were supposed to be Christmas shopping.)

Now trying to tell myself that it will soon be dark and because I walked that far with shopping I don't need to go running.

Now decided to be tough on myself. The workmen who are tiling the pool room are knocking off at 3pm so I will go out for a short run after that.

That way I will be back before dark and won't stretch my already aching limbs much. I can go out for longer tomorrow.

That's the plan anyway!!!!

Have you got your ar$e out of the door yet young lady..?


Nice bloggy place.
Did it! Beat the rain as well! How about you?
Did it too !!!

Didn't beat the rain tho.. got pissed wet thru and loved every minute of it

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