18 December 2005


Day before official training starts..........

Hola amigos!

Not posted for several days as I had nowt to report......................cold spread to chest and as I have already had several serious chest infections this year and developed asthma I decided to put any kind of exercise on the back burner until I felt better.

Probably just as well as I was working on a couple of really time consuming features this week and would have felt guilty about not having time to train during the week.

Filed my second feature on Friday and celebrated last night by getting really drunk in front of X Factor and although I don't remember doing so, I must have voted about 50 times for Journey South (cheesy, I know, but us Smoggies have to stick together - up the boro!). The only reason I know this is that I keep getting texts saying 'thank you for voting'. Racked up my phone bill and they still managed to come third!

Now got a hangover and am hiding from Alessandro as he is in 'let's do stuff' mode and wants to do loads of cleaning, tidying up and writing Christmas cards.

Going to return to training tomorrow, actually really looking forward to it! Think I'm going to try to run on Christmas morning, down to the River Tees and back.................I will be celebrating Christmas in Teeside so it will only be 5 miles not the 106 miles it would be if I attempted it from Manchester!

Got to go now, think I might go and start thinking about fixing the Christmas Tree which Alessandro put up wrong.........................there's wide section near the top that should be nearer the bottom so the tree looks like it has arms and something out of Day of the Triffids.

Stay classy, everyone!

Go on Charlie - post a pic of the tree..?

That really had me laughing!!!


Glad to hear someone is feeling better at least!
ROFL :o)

The 106 miles would have been interesting

And yes - lets have a 'before' picture of said tree

A before and after pic of the tree perhaps? Did you get out for the training afterall?
A Very Happy Christmas, and a Prosperous and Healthy 2006 to you

Happy Christmas to you and Allessandro Charlie

{kicks Charlie up the bum!}

Happy new skinny year girlie!
1 Jan '06
Happy New Year Charlie

can't wait for you to return

Would you believe it, Alessandro hid the camera when I told him about wanting to take a piccie!

Still all our NYE guests thought it was piss funny when they saw it!
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