08 December 2005


Help! Michelle McManus is gaining on me!

11 stone 4.8lbs - 37.3% fat - size 14 (tight) HOW????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Still dying with a really bad cold and chest so once again no running today : (

As you can see I weighed myself this morning and I've somehow gained 3 pounds. I had been hovering around 11 stone for months and during this time ate and drank too much and did no exercise. Last week I decide to get my arse in gear, been (relatively) good all week and ran a few times and gained 3 f**kin pounds.

And, I open my copy of Closer this morning to discover that Michelle McManus is now down to a size 16 and 14stone after losing 8st. When she weighed 22 stone, I weighed a rather trim 9 stone now it looks like I'm going to have to start passing on my slim clothes to her.

The world's a cruel place!

Seriously though, what an achievement (Michelle's not mine!). And for her to stick with it for over a year is brilliant. I think I'm going to have to start going to Weight Watchers again on a Saturday morning before Spanish class. The shame of a weekly weigh-in is the only thing that works for me.

Right better get down to a bit of work..................laters!

I did WW In the past and the shame was what got me to 8st 10! Oh I loved being that weight!
Then 1 call center job and 1 baby later and I can't get below 11st
11.1-11.4 for about 10mths now so I feel your frustration girl!
Beanz is another MUST lose person
we try to keep each other in toe.
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