01 December 2005



Went running for the first time in two months, felt fantastic!

Left my house and ran to Heaton Park and then had a run around the park and back out and home, not sure how far or how long. My only aim was to get out of the door today and I did it!

Was feeling sooo good I even decided to run to the shops and buy ingredients for a hearty and healthy beef stew. Big mistake. Laden down with bags and the heavens opened. It took me 15mins to stagger home with my carrier bags of potatoes, swedes and other heavy food stuffs.

Still, put the stew on and just had a lovely shower in our fancy shower cabinet and now I'm going to fuss over my kittens for a bit until Alessandro gets in from work and (hopefully) enquires what the lovely aroma is coming from the kitchen.

Ciao for now!xx

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