08 December 2005


How knackered am I?!


Went to the gym this afternoon after saying I wasn't going to....................had enough of hanging around the house. Stuff the cold!

Picked a bad time to go to the gym as there was hundreds of bratty kids in there. Didn't realise there would be as this is not my usual branch of the gym. The gym I usually go to is next to my old house in a yuppie estate, so I don't ever think I saw a child in there the whole three years I went there.

There was Ophelia and Max having tennis lessons, Coco and Seb learning to swim and Hermione, George and co running up and down the coridoor to the changing room whilst their mummies tuned them out completely.

Can you tell I don't like children?!! Especially posh ones with crap mums who ignore their kids bad behviour. I take a very Victorian stance on other people's little darlings and dislike them nearly as much as smokers. Of course when I have kids it will be completely different, they'll be perfect and won't annoy anyone!!!!!!!!!

Did 3 extremely difficult miles on the treadmill, ran the first 2 and a bit and walked the remainder. It was crushing to feel soooo unfit. At times I thought I was going to die! Took me just over 36mins in the end.

Then got changed into cosie and went in to the pool. Couldn't get in it as it was full of brats. Managed to squeeze in jacuzzi full of gossiping mums whilst I decided what to do - bomb into the pool on top of their heads or towel whip a few of them.

Was about to give up and get changed when I remembered there was an outdoor pool. Halleujah! A vision of steam and mist and very invigorating. Best of all not kids allowed so there was just me and another chap in there so very quiet and relaxed.

There's definately something to be said for swimming under the stars in the middle of December even with a cold. Decided that I will deffo go back and use that pool as it was glorious!

Ta ta!

Swimming under the stars - Oh yes indeedy

Last time I did that was a Center Parcs - with the heat of the pool creating this eerie mist and the stange feeling of a warm bod and a frozen head...


Well done you for doing your tready session too - It'll come hun - just hang in there!!!
Cheers Leon!

I think it could be addictive! Am thinking about going back there today!!!!!!

Think I'm going to hit the street today though...........that treadmill was killer and my ankles hurt by the end of it!
Not a Tready fan meself, have to say.. although they can be useful sometimes!!

Enjoy running outside... and I mean Enjoy it


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