04 December 2005


I ache big time!


Just got out of shower after 3 mile run this afternoon. Didn't really do a good time (about 40-45 mins) cos my legs and back were killing me after lugging boxes up and down the stairs yesterday and this morning.

Had a walk at some points and am really trying to stop doing that but I suppose this is pre-training so I can afford to be a bit slack with myself as long as I get out of the door in the first place.

It's funny the way that all runs are different. Some days you are flying along and others it's like tredging through treacle (today).

Ah well, I did it and can now feel smug with myself!

Going to get dressed now as me and Alessandro (my husband) are going round to my sister's house for late lunch. Looking forward to it as I really get on with her husband and her two kids are dead cute (I normally don't like kids, more of a cat person really!). Also our mates Diane and James are joining us.

Took the liberty of stopping in M&S on way home from run to buy Cava and a box of red wine. Hope there isn't too much carnage as me and Alessandro are going to see David Gray later and I'd hate to be sick on the people on the row infront!

Thnk tomorrow I'm going to take it easy training-wise and just do 30 mins light pedalling on the exercise bike infront of Jeremy Kyle (ignoring the work that is piling up in my office).

Tat ta!

Miles are miles CC

..point is - you got out and did them

Hope you had a good afternoon and evening

Hope the concert went well? Good luck with your training.
Hiya Charlie..

Some days are rubbish (well, most days are rubbish for me) point is though, like Leon says, getting out and doing it and like you said, you're pre-training. Mara training starts proper on 1st Jan (providing you ain't too hung over tho)

Hope David Gray was good !!
Marnin' Charlie

Hope you're not aching today and you didn't throw up last night. (bleah)

Have a good day!
Hi Charlie,

Hope the Cava didn't have you stage diving at the gig last night. Must check out NME.com, just in case :)

Cheers for the comment the other day.

My email address is tbush_uk@hotmail.com.

Any tips on anything journalism related would be much appreciated.

Thanks again!

Thanks everyone for the positive comments, I can see this really working for me!

David Gray was quite good but some of his songs can be a bit depressing don't you think?! Still he did The Cure's Friday I'm in Love as an encore which was brilliant.

Or at least I think it was.......was hammered by that stage. Ended up having a row with Alessandro in the street after the gig as I wanted to go for a kebab and he just wanted to go home.

Nearly escalated into something major but luckly a couple of our mates just happened to be passing and split it up!!!

Going to see the Doves on Tuesday, one of my fave bands. Should be good!
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