13 December 2005


I really want to go out for a run......but can't!

Ciao tutti!

Guess what, still got a miserable cold......................do colds usually last this long? At least I have it now rather than over Christmas or further into my training.

Was about to pack my gym bag and head over to the gym for a run and swim but then caught sight of myself in my mirror. Not a pretty sight!

As much as I am itching to go out running I really should wait until I'm better and I should know this well by now.

I did try to tell myself that I feel better than yesterday but that's no good as I still feel achey and my head is still a full-time snot factory (sorry for being gross but it is, don't know how one person can produce so much!).

Going to wrap up well and go for a walk down to the shops later instead. It gets me out of the house, a bit of fresh air and gentle exercise and gets my errands done.

Still having problems with scallies mind, might get some exercise chasing chavs from my front gates if they return tonight............had another run in with them on Sunday evening and it took two hours for the police 'rapid response' unit to get to me - one hour after they had got bored and gone home.

The policeman who came round was lovely and said that he has problems outside of work with kids on his estate................not exactly reassuring or much comfort. Pisses me off that kids seem to be running riot and no one can do anything about it. When my brother in law threw a bucket of water over a pair of slaggie maggies who were causing trouble behind his house and waking his baby, he nearly got charged with assault!

My mate says I need to electrify the intercom buttons so they get electric shocked into next week..............uuuummmmm, tempting!

Ah well, must go now, work to do..................please could someone run my miles for me today? Was going to do four or five.............oh and 40 laps of the pool as well?!

See ya!

rest rest rest rest rest rest rest


did I say rest..?


That's that sorted then.

Charlie - Cath is right. Rest is the best option. Pick up a DVD and a large tub of Ben & Jerry's (Phish Food is the best for treating colds) and chill out for the night.

Hope you feel better soon.

I said Rest

No - Listen - I SAID REST

You'll know when it's OK to run again



I said Run

No - Listen - I SAID RUN



Sorry to hear that you aren't well. Hope you get better soon and back up and running again.

As everyone has already mentioned...rest, rest, rest!

Merry Christmas....
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