11 December 2005


I want a pug!

This is all I want for Christmas!


Not for Christmas.


Think about it.

And Alessandro is right. I know... I had a Golden who now resides with his Daddy and I have visiting rights. Although will soon lose those as the new girlfriend doesn't like dogs so he's likely to be rehomed. If only he could be rehomed back at home... (sigh) but I work too long hours now and couldn't do it fairly.

Really Charlie, dogs are great and lovely and I can' think of a bad reason to not have them... but they're not like cats... you can't leave them on their own to look after themselves for a start!

Anyway.. enough lecturing - oyoyoy! I do that enough for work!

I see what you are saying Cath but I've wanted a dog for 3 years but until now it has not been a possibility.

Now we live in a big house with a big garden near several parks and I work from home during the day so the dog wouldn't be left.

Doesn't really matter what I say though cos Alessandro has put his foot down on this one!!!!!
Aww. know how that "but-I-really-want-one" feeling goes. (sigh) I spent alot of time at home with Oscar when we first got him because I used to work shifts and I was at Uni full time... then I got sick. Went rapidly down hill when I went back to work though. (sigh)

Can't you charm him and get him drunk and then get him to agree to it in writing..?!!

I PREFER CATS! :) I wrote an article in my blog about it. Have a look at the artworks
I have two dogs, a doberman/rotweiller cross who is a real mummy's boy. The second dog is a german shepherd, he was abused when he was only just born, and was also a runt. Because he was so badly abused he is scared of people other than my wife and I. Charlie, if you get a dog, get a rescue dog, as when i get home from work or running, my german shepherd greets me at the door with kisses and cuddles and follows me round the house like a shadow.
I am going to be the little devil on your shoulder here and say just secretly get one. The other half won’t be able to resist once the little bundle of fur is home :)
Thanks everyone! Leighton I agree, although I think pugs are soooo cute in my heart of hearts if I was to get a doggy it would have to be a rescue dog as it breaks my heart when I see them at the dogs home.

I did hear of a scheme where you can 'borrow' and lookafter a dog over Christmas and take the pressure of the dogs' home - good scheme because everyone is vetted and most end up keeping the dog.

Now where do I find more information?!!!
Hi charlie, im new to this bloggin game & i wonder if you can help me. I am trying to upload pictures onto my blog, i am following the on screen info but nothing seems to happen. Can you help me.
On the subject of getting a dog, i too have a golden retriever although she is super, fantastic & i say to my wife 'she's the daughter we never had' (that's how much she means to me(. But she is a tie to the family, you cant just give her to granny to look after if granny doesnt want her. You need to think really hard when getting a dog, but i agree with tim, go & get one secretly, when your hubby sees it he wont be able to say no.Dave
Hey David!

Thanks for the comments!

Re the photo stuff, I'm not very technical so I followed the blogger instructions, keep trying or send them an email and they might sort it for you.....
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