10 December 2005


I'm dying!

Good day chaps!

Or not so good for me.............this cold is eating into my head, hope you are all doing better!! Will be checking out everyone's blogs this weekend, be warned!!!!!!!

Did a walk/run 4 miler yesterday and it was tough but I kept going in the knowledge that the more I do the easier it gets.........and trust me to be walking when Alessandro drives past, bet he thinks I walk all the time and just tell him I'm going for a run!

Didn't go to Spanish today as I can't stop squeezing, coughing and sniffing. Didn't think it fair on my classmates as we were doing a loads of stuff on TV interviews and I suspect we would have been doing lots of role plays. I really could not pretend to be Parkie interviewing Posh in this state. Spanish is another area I need to pull my socks up in.......realised that I stopped doing my homework about 2 years ago when I retrained as a journalist. I used to be such a swot as well! Well my coasting along might come to an abrupt halt in the new year as we have an exam at the end of this level and if I fail I will have to wait months to join my mate's class (he is 3 levels below me at the mo).

Not going running either - as Leon quite rightly says 'listen to your body' and mine is screaming 'Nooooooo!'. So I have spent the day uploading my wedding photos on to my online album.

Also, took time to be really spiky to Tom on the RW blog thread.............soz Tom, in even worse mood than usual!!

A big massive thank you very much to Leon, Cath and Tim who have already visited my Just Giving page and sponsored me. Fast work guys!!! You are all very kind....owe you drinks at the finish!

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Okay I'll try again.

What I was trying to say in plain English is... rather than buying me drinks at the finish (cos I ain't drinking am I..?!) I'd appreciate your returning the favour

Deffo Cath!!!!!!
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