05 December 2005


Monday, monday!


It's nearly 11.15am and I've still not done any proper work for the day. Feel ropey after yesterday's drinking session (lunch at sister's and David Gray both very good) and I'm annoyed at the postman as he keeps delivering my post to someone else and I keep getting the post for people who live a street away, gggggrrrr!

No cheques for work I did in October, no Visa bill (good) and no FLM rejection fleece (I've got a charity place but tried the ballot as well).

Am I the only reject who hasn't received their fleece? I think so.

Not running today eventhough I want to........................which is not like me, I'm usually looking for excuses not to run.

Today is a rest day and I'm not going to do more than a bit of gentle cycling later and a walk to the delivery office to give the manager a rather large piece of my mind.

I wish my pool was finished...........could do with a swim.

Ah well, best get on, see ya!

"to give the manager a rather large piece of my mind"

Least you're lucky enough to donate such a large piece of it...!!!


morning chick. No work done here either - although have been doing the teachery-listen-to-me-they-stare-with-gobs-open all morning thing.

"wish the pool was finished"
you have a pool?
Lucky moo! So you have no excuses now 'cos if you are unfortunate enough to get injured you go pool running!
see you shouldn't have let that slip should you! We'll be watching you!
Done sweet FA today......it's just not happening for me!

Didn't even go down the delivery office cos a postie turned up at the front gate!

Pixie, we don't have a finished pool yet but we are working on it. I say 'we' when really I mean the tilers and plumber downstairs.

Currently all we have is a big hole in the ground, surrounded by dust and mess and not a drop of water to be found.

Said I want it finished by New Year's Eve cos we are having a big party and everyone wants to go in it.

Not sure that's wise - look what happened to Barrymore!!

I think when I'm injured I will probably do more 'pool floating' than 'pool running' and kid myself it's exercise!
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