05 December 2005




Not achieved a thing today......................feel well dodgy and I don't think it was the alcohol after all (although I'm sure that didn't help!).

Not been able to concentrate as I feel all headachey and sweaty (nice!). My sister phoned earlier and said my niece Lois was off school ill and Alessandro has just phoned and he's not too well either.

Think I'm going to lay off exercise altogether today.........apart from a bit of tidying up and unpacking.

But guess what, my FLM fleece has arrived! Postie brought it at lunchtime so I give him all the post I had for someone else and told him to sort it out!

I ordered a medium and its massive. Not sure who they base the sizes on. I know it is a blokes' medium not a ladies' but still Hattie Jaques would have plenty of room in this fleece.

Alessandro also said that his Mam has cooked us roast pork and some ribs Italian style which is good news as it saves me sending him out to the Chinese when he gets in (I know, I'm a bad wife!). Alessandro's Mam's cooking is devine, can't wait!!!

Hope everyone else is having a much more productive day than me!

Take care!

Hi Charlie,
Thanks for your comments on my blog. it would seem that you are much more technologically advanced than me!

Which charity are you supporting for FLM?
At the moment I am finding the thought of the fundraising much more daunting than the actual run.
Hi Sluggie,

I'm running for the Stroke Association a charity which is very important to my training partner as he nearly lost his father to a stroke a few days before his wedding.

Was supposed to run Berlin for them but as I kept getting chest infections decided not to run for charity incase I couldn't do the race!

I agree the idea of fundraising is really daunting. we will have to keep posting fundraising suggestions and ideas!

take careX
Charlie - uh oh. Be careful just heard from Uni occupational health that alot of our students are going down with mumps. Don't expect it'll be much different in Manchester.

Get better soon chick..!

Oh and Hal Higdon. Good plan

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