11 December 2005


Sleepy Head!

Oye chicos!

No running today...................letting my body recover from this really draining cold. Alessandro has got it now and it puts him in a bad mood. He's gone to watch United so I hope they win or it's best staying out of his way!

This day still has not got going for me.............

Woke at what seemed like the crack of dawn by the tilers (7.30am, but it's Sunday for godssake). Alessandro turned on 't'big light' in the bedroom and nearly blinded me so when he went down to let the tilers in I switched it off and got nice and cosy in my duvet. Then his radio alarm went off and was playing Joss Stone and I had a fight to shut her up (she does my head in big time). I admitted defeat and got up at this stage...pissed off cos neither of us has slept well in days due to the constant sniffing and coughing.

Neighbour knocked on at 8.30am to say other neighbour has extracted from her teenage son the names of the kids who have been terrorising the street this week. I spared you all the account of my Catherine Tate-esque slanging match in my street with 10 schoolies who had been ringing my intercom and abusing me down it...............I went out and told them to fook off but they came back last night and were setting fire to something in the street.

Would love to torch their nasty man-made fibre trackies and watch them clear off at high speed but unfortunately there's laws against that type of thing................as part of my punishment the judge would make me work in JJB Sports or whatever that Chav Mecca is and wear the Vicky Pollard uniform. I'd probably have to be sectioned part way through my sentence.

My neighbour's teenage son has retracted his statement once he found out that several other people wanted to know the names and that I had been in touch with the police and would be passing on names to them. (When they were shouting abuse down the intercom, they called me a rich fookin fat bitch with a pool.......................uuuummm, funny. I can take the first bit.......although definately not rich I probably seem so to them chavs, I am fookin fat and yes, I admit it, I am a bitch but how did they know we had a pool, unless they were the same kids who burgled our house just before we moved in and broke in through the pool room, that's why I got the police out.)

Not all was lost though. I emerged from neighbours house not with list of Kyles and Waynes but the number of a mobile beautician who does cracking pedicures apparently. Result.

Did manage a couple hours of shut eye this afternoon face down on the sofa. Still got the inprint of the cushion on my face, but hey, I'm not going anywhere.

Now going to potter around the house and think about how I can best mount a campaign to get a dog..................I want a pug but will settle for a mongrel of some sort...........Alessandro says no because I already have three not so small kittens and according to him dogs smell. I might just get one and then deal with him later!!!

Have a nice relaxing Sunday everyone and don't over do it as you'll only make me feel jealous!

Sorry Charlie, must be the way you write hun... had me howling with laughter!!! I hope the chav scum get caught and locked away. Minus the key too.
Sorry but I had teh scene pictured in my head ... it was one from Birds of a Feather! You half awake listening to neighbout drone on!
good luck with everything!
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