03 December 2005


Top! I did it!


Shook off my lazy pants and went for a brisk 30 min run around my newish neighbourhood. Didn't end up where I thought I would but got back okay so that's fine.

Realised that running makes me feel so much more energised as well as good about myself.

Got home had a steam bath and a shower and instead of vegetating on the sofa with a trasy magazine I have spent loads of time in my office (in the attic) unpacking books, sorting out folders and having a big chuck out.

Although we have been in this house since 2nd September most of our belongings (there's loads as we are both hoarders) have been stacked up in the room over the garage. So although I felt like I did lots of sorting out today, in reality it was just a drop in the ocean.

I just want to be able to live in an organised house and be able to find stuff when I need it.

Still think that is enough domestic stuff for today, I really feel the runs I did today and Thursday in my legs and stomach. Perhaps I might be gaining back some muscle?!!

Just deciding what to have for tea and whether I have earned some wine yet........must try to stay strong if I'm going to be at least two stone lighter by 23rd April 2006!

Take care!xxxxxxxx

see once you get out of the door all is fine and the world is a better place!!

st before FLM is what I said - hope you have better luck than me cos I is a weak pixie who likes food too much!
Hey Pixie,

Quite right!!! Felt great once I had hauled arse out the front door!

I originally took up running to lose weight and now here I am four marathons down and two stone heavier...........not sure where I'm going wrong........you don't think it could be all that wedding cake, cheese and crackers and red wine in front of X-factor last night, do you?!!!!!!!!
I gained weight after the marathon. As you said, it is all that 'I can eat everything I like because I run'.

However came up with that myth should be shot.

Look forward to following your marathon progress!
Also looking forward to following your progress

Welcome (somewhat belatedly) to Blogland too

Cheers Laura and Leon!

I think it actually works having something or someone to answer to!

Will be doing the same for you......now where did I put that wine.......?
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