24 January 2006


Doing much better!

Ciao tutti!

Since I changed on to the Runner's World training programme I feel much better. It just goes to prove.............different strokes for different folks, eh?!

Did a really good 7 miler yesterday (was mainly downhill!) and also did an hour of swimming.

Today, I have been messed about by interviewees so missed the chance to go for a quick run as I was waiting in all day by the phone but have done an hour on the bike (in front of trashy telly) and am going in for a swim in a bit.

Will have plenty of time tomorrow to go for a run and started downloading loads of new stuff on my i-pod to listen to, so it will be quite pleasant!

Only strange thing is that I am eating more sensibly but still gaining weight which I can't figure out............I know (I hope) I'm not pregnant so not sure why...............surely I can't be gaining that much muscle?

If I have one more weigh-in without loss or with more gain, I'm going to quit WW. Why should I pay a fiver each week to be informed that I'm getting fatter.......

My sister says it is cos I get weighed on a Saturday morning after a Friday night out and I will be full of junk! Might try weighing myself at home on Friday morning before I start the weekend relaxing to see if there's any difference.

Hey-ho, must go now as I have to finish my Spanish homework and I know if I don't do it now whilst motivated, I won't do it at all!


glad the plan is working!
Now as for weight ... are you taking the "eat as much as you want of this" too literally?
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