12 January 2006


God, I'm tired!


Gonna make this a short post as I am knackered today for some reason. Perhaps it has something to do with the 8-miler and one hour bike session I did yesterday and the 3-miler and nightmare dragging of really heavy shopping home from the shops today.

Anyhow, I'm pooped. Was going to go and sit in bath for a bit with a book but I can't even been arsed doing that.

Alessandro is going out with the lads tomorrow so I might save that activity until then.

Hope everyone's training is going okay. For me it's getting a little easier, seem to be getting into a stride earlier and able to maintain it longer. Running with my i-pod helps but it had a bit of a funny fit yesterday and the noise went all weird so I really missed not having it today.

Nighty night!

It's good to hear that you are getting into your stride earlier Charlie....

I think nightmare dragging of really heavy shopping counts a cross-training..

I'm envious you are finding it easier. I am still struggling with finding the time to get out and run (week 2 of 14). How far are you into your program?
8 miles and an hour bike is good going im still dragging my arse around 4 milers well done and keep it up :)
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