18 January 2006


Good morning peeps!


It's 9.30am, I'm in my running gear, fed the cats, interviewed the person I needed to speak to for a feature I am writing............it can only mean one thing...............I'm about to go for a run!

Oh and I redeemed myself yesterday after the workmen had gone by doing an hour on the bike and a 30 min swim so I wasn't a complete lazy arse and therefore I well and truly deserved the mound of ice-cream I had later whilst watching BB (And the Haribo whilst watching Shameless).

Laters potatoes!

Hmmm indeed

Morning Charlie, hope the run goes well.
Did my run, so there! less of your hmmmming pixie and leon!

Morning Leighton! It went really well apart from the fact that I forgot my ipod clip so couldn't listen to any music....ggggrrr!
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