09 January 2006


High drama!

Hello folks,

Should have posted last night as I did 8 miles yesterday and the weird thing is I didn't feel at all weezy........also ran with music which always makes things easier. Bit of Bobby Womack - Across 110th Street to bring back the New York Marathon memories and a bit of Bobby Darin - Beyond the Sea which reminds me of mine and Alessandro's wedding reception as we had the Goodfellas soundtrack and Rat Pack playing in the background.

Did have a crafty stop off at my sisters house, but I did have to drop her keys back to her and only stayed for 20 mins as her and her lot were going shopping.

Anyhow, back to last night. Was about to go up and post when a copper knocked on the door........no, not more scallies but a robbery in the street. My neighbours are in America and three lads smashed their way into the house, apparently looking for car keys (they are well to do and have nice motors) and took a flat screen telly as well. Would have got more but the alarms went off and the woman next door came out screaming her head off and so they drove off.

I know that my neighbourhood is rife with car jacking but it was chilling to think that they go as far as breaking in regardless of whether you are in or not.

Policeman scared the shit out of me as he told me that the gang had down the same thing last night in Swinton, are completely fearless, as they have been operating for a while and don't give a shit if there's someone in the house at the time, and were actually eyeing up OUR house before they decided to rob my neighbour.

The copper knows we have CCTV so he asked to come in and have a look and lo and behold, there they are, bold as brass, eyeing up our joint whilst me and Alessandro are in, guzzling cava and watching Billy Connolly, completely oblivious. Totally freaked me out, couldn't sleep last night, going to keep a can of hairspray by the door from now on!

With this and the scallies you would think that my street is in the bronx or something but we actually live in a really quiet suburban street, very leafy, kids playing in road, neighbours very chummy etc.

Our house is already like fort knox with about 15 cameras all over the joint (someone we know has a CCTV business) and hefty electronic iron gates but I'm still packing it. Alessandro has already told me not to get out of my car until I'm inside the gates and they are shut which I do, even though I'm sure no one would like to steal my knackered Corolla - it's just not worth the sentence!

Need to go out today and am now scared to leave the house empty...........I'm paranoid as fook anyway (spend my holidays worrying that the house is ok) so this might tip me over the edge.

Mental note to self - postpone hate campaign against bloke who owns snake shop and start vigilante group.


OMG you pooor sole
No wonder you are wibbling
take care
you got an attach alarm etc too for running with? Don't want to worry you but I would just incase
Oh dear. Manchester eh.

Don't get me started on the theiving robbing b*stards who robbed my Mini radio when I moved in here. Like as if it was worth anything!!!
Sounds like a nightmare! Just think, though. This could be your argument for getting the dog you have always wanted!
Blimey! How horrible. Don't let them get you down.
Thanks peeps! I suppose it goes on everywhere, but it freaks you out when it's right on your doorstep doesn't it...........for about 5 mins I seriously considered taking up Thai Boxing at my gym. Then I got a grip and thought about my nails!
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