03 January 2006


Let's get physical!


Been running - 3 miles-ish, done my Tesco shop, done a quick 50 lengths of my pool -it's only 7m long so was a very quick 50 lengths.

I had to get out as I have a majorly massive fear of snakes and someone has just opened a reptile shop in the village (yuck) and I had a mental image of someone nearby buying a snake and it escaping and ending up in my pool and killing me so decided to only get in it when Alessandro is around to kill off any beasts (I always remove spiders from the house for him so fair's fair.)

Yes, I know that sounds weird but one of my cousins once saw a snake in an outdoor pool down south when he was staying in digs and recently in the local press there was a story about a snake that escaped from a flat and got into the pipes and spent weeks popping up through other peoples' toilets in the same block. You have no idea how that affected me!

(Mental note to self to start a nimbyist hate campaign against reptile shop owner until he fooks off.)

Even so I'm now feeling smug as it is not even 6pm yet, hoorah!

The downside is that I have achieved very little by way of actual work today, but I did read somewhere on t'internet that today is the most depressing day of the year, so I decided to sack off work and do things that I felt like doing.

Work can wait!

Going to try to be good tonight, food wise as after a day of being good yesterday I fell off the wagon and had loads of wine, quality street, kabanos, mortadella and cheese!!

Have started tracking food at weightwatchers online again (obviously not fessing up to yesterday's pig out) and am feeling strong at the moment.

The problem is that swimming always makes me starving...........it's a good job we don't have a vending machine as you come out of the pool - that was always my downfall when I used to go to the baths. We do have a box of pickled onion space invaders somewhere -classic vending machine fodder - but I asked Alessandro to hide them from me.

Right-oh, need to get my virtous skinless chicken breasts, peppers, zucchini, onions and polenta on before Mr Bacci returns from a hard day's actual graft.

He has got me a belated Crimbo pressie from the US of A and is bringing it home tonight - what could it be?!! (Already told me it is definately not a dog! He did get me a goat for Crimbo but that it lives in Africa and I don't think it is allowed to visit.)

Keep it up folks!

hehe men eh..

I asked Philip not to buy me any more crisps.. I'm weightwatchering as well. So he goes shopping yesterday and next thing there's two bags of crisps... "where are they..?" says me. "Oh", he says "they're in the boot of the car. The theory is you won't be arsed going outside to get them".

Thing is... he was right wasn't he!!

swimming and starving
easy solution and trust me this DOES work!


you may not believe it but the swimming is dehydrating you! Either stick a bottle at the end of the pool and drink after so many lengths or down 500ml on getting out!
Oh Evil Pixie I thought you meant alcoholic drink, doh! I had quite a bit of red before I realised you meant water!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't talk to me about crisps, Cath! After all the wine, I ditched my healthy strawberries for a couple of packets of cheese and onion crisps.

Ah well, today's another day!!
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