06 January 2006


Little Miss Smug!

Ciao tutti!

Ho corso dieci kilometri oggi e sono molto fiera ora!

Sorry, just got off the phone to one of my Italian chums, anyhow I ran 6 miles today, despite the fact that was weezy as fook.

Alessandro wants me to go back to the doctor who can't decide if I'm asthmatic or what......I certainly feel like I am now.

Ironic, 5 years since I quite smoking and 3 years since I took up running, I develop a bad chest.........................makes me think twice about quitting the booze!

Ah well, even though I had to take a couple of cough breaks I did it.................I do admit that at the three mile mark I was outside my sister's house and I called her to see if I could come round for a brew, and if I had I would have ended up staying for something stronger and getting the tram home.

But she wasn't in so I had to carry on my plod back home again and god, do I feel pleased with myself now!

Running the opposite way down my usual streets revealed hills I had not noticed before in places I usually struggle in but put it down to lack of scenery before now. No wonder those bits were so hard!

Does anyone else get that?

Decided that 6 miles is enough exercise for today and am going to postpone my swim until tomorrow morning before weight watchers weigh-in (going back to face the music, just can't do it on my own, need weekly shaming!) and Spanish class (oh joy, exam preparation).

Tonight I am going to watch Celab BB and I don't care how rubbish everyone else thinks it is......I don't smoke crack (not any more anyway) so at least let me watch the TV equivalent.

Any chance I get to scream abuse at Jodie Marsh, hell, I'm going to take it.

And that George Gallaway wants to be relieved I'm not one of his constituents, as I would have already been on the phone to Westminster enquiring as to how he can possibly be serving his constituency effectively when he is sat in a hot tub with Rula Lenska, Barrymore and a Baywatch babe.

Going to team my televisual feast with Tesco Cava (classy lady that I am) and cheese, quality streeet, salami, prosciutto and crisps. A kind of last supper, if you will, before the WW point counting takes the fun out of my life.

Going to do another 6 miler tomorrow, chest permitting before I go round my Italian mate's house for a hard-core gossiping session. Got to keep my language skills up somehow (cos Alessandro won't speak to me in Italian as he says it feels 'weird') and she is just back from a spa break in Mallorca and hasn't seen my wedding photos yet so we've plenty of ground to cover!

A domani amici miei!

Go Girl!!!!!

....and yes - running the 'wrong' way does exactly that.

Doing the 'Figure of 8' y'day instead of the 'Anticlockwise Circumnavigation' meant that I did the top bit the wrong way (to usual) - and it was Sooooooo much friendlier

Now - please ensure that you've updated your life insurance policy to cover cerebral necrosis before sitting down on front of "Celab BB".....

It's hit your spelling centre already


could be exercise induced asthma
well done though on the run!
how did WW go?
Thanks Leon, thought I was going mad!

Didn't run yesterday as wanted to give chest a rest but feel fine today so I'm going to run to Bury FC and back which is 8 miles all in.

Pixie - weighed in at 11st 7.5lb which is more than I weighed earlier in the week BUT her scales make me a pound or two heavier anyway and I did have all my clothes on! How you getting on? (Drank a bottle of red last night but think I can claw it back this week!!)
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