11 January 2006



Howdy partners,

Not posted for a few days as I have been trying to do some actual work!

Diet is going vvvverrrrry badly and I'm almost too frightened to go to Weight Watchers on Saturday but have made my mind up and I need to go every week good or bad.

On Sunday after my longish run I found 6 boxes of Ferrero Rocher in the corner cupboard in the kitchen. We had bought them for NYE so we could make a pyramid out of them in a kind of 'Ambassador, you are really spoiling us' kind of way. But forgot.

So with these, a seemingly everlasting supply of Thornton's Continental and Cava I am getting fatter and fatter.

I start the day with the best of intentions but weaken come teatime. What is it the Bible says: "The road to Hell, is paved with good intentions." Move over Lucifer and prepare an extra wide flaming armchair for me then.

Exercise-wise I have been okay. Ran to the docs on Monday (2 miles) and was going to run back but met my mother-in-law in the waiting room and she insisted on driving me home, bless her!

Yesterday I went back to the doctor's again for a Spirometry (lung test) in a taxi (running late) and ran back, so another 2 miles. I was going to carry on and run into Manchester City Centre but I had a perscription in my jacket pocket that was going to turn to slush in the heavy wind and hail. Also the nurse gave me a mega dose of ventalin and it sent me all funny!

Also on Monday I did 1 hour ten in the pool, split over 2 sessions and yesterday did an hour on the bike whilst reading a book.

Today, I hope to do an 6-8 miler and a quick cool down on the bike and swim. Will post later my results.

Also as of today, I'm not going to drink for a while (alcohol I mean, not water, that would be mental). I drink far too much and it really is the devil. Once I have had a glass of vino I'm like 'ah fook it, pass the chocolate/cheese/ice cream'.

I really want to lose weight this year and get into my old jeans. Also (big admission here) after the London Marathon, I'm not going to train for any more for a while as I will be starting to try for a nipper and I want to improve my health to give myself the best chance of doing so.

It is going to be tough as my social life seems to revolve around booze and I have got into the habit of having a glass of wine with my tea and then more in front of the telly afterwards.

From now on my highs are going to have to be from exercise. And Celebrity Big Brother!

OMG, has anyone been watching it? Jodie Marsh does my head in. 'I'm sick of the press and everyone calling me a slag' and in the next breath she says: 'I had an orgy with five men at once, it was wicked' or 'I was on a shoot with a porn photographer and him and the naked girls where showing me their porn shoot positions, I was getting down and taking pictures, it was well cool'.

I really don't care if someone wants to sleep with different people everynight (as long as they are careful), but I'm not 15 anymore so I'm not interested in hearing reports of it.

Another thing. Marsh says she was bullied at school. My mate went to school with her (a very posh one in Essex, where bullying was simply not tolerated) and he says she wasn't bullied at all and it's all in her head.

She now says that the press and other BB contestants are bullying her. Yet she slags off everyone else and spends time calling Jordan every name under the sun (which I think is a form of bullying as Jordan will get to hear it).

Damaged goods, methinks...........few bats in the belfry.

Sorry about the lengthy rant about Jodie Marsh, it is just she does my head in!

Will leave the whole 'Celab (said in style of Avid Merrion) BB' alone after this cabsolute classic quote from Pete Burns: "You can take a horse to water but you can't make it drink, you can take a whore to culture but you can't make her think."


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