02 January 2006


Somebody stop me!


Got my running kit on after posting and did a run/walk 3 miler around Prestwich. Weather was cold and wet, my favourite! I love the rain once I get going.

Took a while as I didn't want to push it the first time out and Alessandro insists on me taking a mobile with me, but mine was out of battery, so I took his, and his Mam kept ringing on it which really interrupted my stride!

The main thing is that I did it and to top it off, when I got back in I had a swim in my new pool for about 30 mins which was great! We are not sure if it is actually ok to swim in it as the chlorine levels seem quite high but I didn't put my head under the water so I should live.

Think I could get used to a daily swim, which is just as well cos I have entered the Stroke Association's Strokes for Strokes challenge and am thinking of swimming the channel (in a pool of course!). I am a much stronger swimmer than runner so it should be doable with training.

Our pool is next to the conservatory or the Cat's room as it is known. The kittens were glued to the door with curiousity the whole time I was paddling about and get everywhere, so I had to be careful not to let them in the pool room, as they are not very bright and would fall in. My Dad says let them, they'll only do it the once but then again my Dad hates cats!

Now have that post-exercise tired but pleased with myself feeling! Going to have a lazy evening reading trashy magazines and watching crap on telly.

Keep smiling!

Very impressive! Also jealous of the pool!
As a cat lover I would say your dad is right but then again not all cats hate water! My mum's fluffy sleeps in the sink so it can catch drips and loves to sit on the side of the bath when Gnome is there and has joined him on more than one ocassion!
Great start to the year!
Blimey - everywhere I look there are people doing two different exercise sessions

I'm SO last year


Well done Charlie

Wow, swim the channel in a pool - that sounds way too difficult to even get my head around.

Good on you for getting out for that run! Running in the rain is one of life's most simple pleasures and its great not many people like to do it!
Have just read your blog and it has motivated me to get out and do a walk/run which is all I am capable of at the moment!

Unfortunatly I don't have the pool to go with that, so a quick splash in the bath after will have to suffice!

Quick question - are you following a particular plan for your training at all?
Hello all!

Pixie your Mum's cat sounds like one of ours - Eric - prefers to knock water all over the place and roll in it!

Leon - get your Davina DVD out at once and catch up!!

Wobbly Man - starting to wonder if channel swim is a good idea - they have given me a time limit for when the pool has to shut!!!

Snail's Pace - Am following the Hal Higdon intermediate 2 programme but missed the first two weeks, oops!
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