04 January 2006


What a lazy bint I am!

Good afternoon all,

Slept in this morning until 9.45am and once again not been able to get myself to buckle down and do some paid work (well I did do a bit but not enough in my book).

Decided against going for a run today as I have pulled a muscle in my chest when sneezing last night. I do this great often and know if I try to run on it I'll just make it worse. So I postponed my 6 miler until tomorrow.

Didn't go swimming today as I think the chlorine levels at the moment could actually be bad for my health. The smell is mega powerful and the testing kit we have is reading maximum. Think I will wait until they are ok-ed by the pool people.

Did do about 30 mins on the bike though, but is only cos Alessandro phoned me to ask where I wanted to eat out tonight!!!

Think I'd better postpone the diet a bit longer as I quite fancy an Indian!

Take care!

Hey - allegedly lazy one.....

You been running yet.???

Not yet, but I do have my running kit on and have worked out my route......think I'm going to have lunch first as I'm expecting a delivery in next hour or so.

..........What about you?
Soon... Very soon...!

[taps fingers on desk]


Gi's a chance Cath..!!!!


NOT me!!!!!

Thanks for dropping by at my place. I hope you get better soon you lazy bint ;)
Glad to see that I am not the only one using every excuse in the book.

We have all been there....

(apart from Leon because he always runs. He needed to be stopped when he had an injury.... I tell you....)
You can all stop nudging me out of the door now and have a look at your sorry arses cos I've done my run for today, so there!!!

Only joking, thanks for the mithering........this blogging your intensions really means to you have to carry them out which is exactly what I need!!
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