09 February 2006


Have you missed me? Thought not!!


I'm back, in case anyone noticed I had been away!

Had problems logging in to the site and been working in-house for my old boss for a few days so couldn't post.

How's is everyone's training going? Mine is a bit patchy at the moment - last week was a nightmare - worked in town during the day and then had to come back and do my freelance stuff in the evening.........that sort of output could drive a girl to drink and takeaways - and it did!

Going to go for a run this afternoon, once I get a load of research out of the way.........writing features about mobile phone companies and management buyouts at the moment and I need to do a load of reading up and set up loads of interviews for next week.

Think I am going to run to the city centre later, as it is mostly all downhill! Then I am going to have a swim afterwards.

Been listening to my ipod more when running and it makes such a difference. Learning Russian at the moment and I even enjoy listening to my russian course as I plod along - I thought it would be dead boring and I would not be able to keep it up but it has turned into a very successful multi-tasking excercise!

Right, best push on with my work.........................by the way, 'hello' to my friend Catweasel, who has taken to reading this blog whilst at work. Must try to make it more interesting for you!

See you later, or as they say in Russia - До свидания!

You're still alive


Good to see you blogging again!

Good luck with the training.
actually I did miss you and tried to find you e-mail adress to check up on you! See I worries when my blog friends go missing in action!
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