27 March 2006



Hoorah, I'm back!!!

Thanks for the emails peeps and sorry that I have not been able to post for over a month but I have not been able to access the site, and even though I have had it explained to me several times by a techie friend, I still don't understand why!

Ah well, the important thing is that I'm here and still doing the marathon. The problem is that training is going vvvverrrrry badly.

I have had a dodgy ankle, bad chest, several bugs and at the moment I am suffering from a weird feeling extremely tired all the time illness. I don't have much energy and need to have naps all the time.

I have concluded that there's no point killing myself for this marathon (or beating myself up over training) and that if necessary I can run/walk 26.2 miles quite easily.

Don't get me wrong, I have been doing some training but threw the schedule in the bin ages ago and now focus on running as far as I feel comfortable with whenever I feel good enough to do it.

It is weird because every other marathon I have trained for has consisted of 4/5 runs a week, long runs at each weekend and plenty of speed sessions on the tready for 16-18 weeks and now I just plod around the estate until I get bored. But I'm happy!

The other week I was in Florence visiting my sister in law and her family and I went for a fantastic longish run along the River Arno before heading down to the Duomo and back over the Ponte Vecchio. It made me remember why I took up running in the first place - relaxing, de-stressing, feel good exercise. Wonderful stuff!

Anyhow, I hope for the rest of you that your training is going well and you are on target for achieving a good time. I am going to continue with what I have been doing and leave my watch behind on marathon day. If anyone wants to join me at the back, feel free!!

Right, must go now, features to write, cat food to buy, invoices to send, housework to do......etc, etc!


[jumps out of skin]

Blimey you scared me... sneaking up all quitely like that.

Welcome back Charlie - It's great to see you

SHE'S ALIVE!!!!!!!


Welcome back Girlie!!

new one

Don't ask. I needed my arse kicking..!!
L-a-z-y bint has gone again!

[mutter mutter]I ain't fecking running this marathon on my own you know[/mutter][/mutter]


(hope you're okay chick)
[scratches head]
So I go away on business (sounds important but it isn't!) and you turn up then disappear when I get back!
It's personal isn't it!
How did the marathon go? I hope you made it back in one piece
Hey You!!!!

Been wondering where you got to!!!!!!

So - Just looked you up on the results thingy
Nice one you

What? No race report?
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